Creating A Positive Business Culture

  • 2 Creative Ways To Earn A Significant Amount Of Side Cash

    20 April 2017

    Do you currently live paycheck to paycheck? You may be tired of feeling like you never have any extra money left to buy nice things or do something fun. If you would like to make a significant amount of side cash, there are some simple opportunities worth trying. You may be surprised to see just how much money you can earn from having a side hustle outside of your traditional day job.

  • Office Managers, Follow These Tips To Protect An Ailing Sewer Line

    19 April 2017

    If your business operates out of a rented building with aging plumbing, then you're probably no stranger to sewer clogs and backups. A sewer backup can force you to shut down and send everyone home for a day or more -- and nobody enjoys the unpleasant odor that lingers. While the best solution to ongoing clog and backup issues is usually to have the entire sewer line replaced, this is not always an immediate option, and it can take some time to convince the building owner to take action.

  • Choosing The Correct Office Chairs For Your New Business

    19 April 2017

    Office chair selection is a more important decision than you may think. It determines your employees' comfort for a good portion of their day, and that can reflect their productivity. But there are also factors to consider on the business side of things, such as cost, maintenance needs, and matching with other office equipment and fixtures. Here are some of the steps to take when choosing office chairs.  Research Ergonomics

  • Own A Computer Parts Store? Get Carpet Cleaning Before The Release Of A Highly-Anticipated Product

    18 April 2017

    While there are many aspects that go into how successful you are at running a business, one of them that you cannot forget about is how clean you keep the sales floor throughout the year. It is ideal when a customer walks in and feels as if they are walking into a reputable establishment every time. You may get the same people to come in in the future when they are looking to replace their old computer parts.

  • A Guide To Starting A Non-Profit Organization

    17 April 2017

    If you are looking to make a difference to the public, while also enjoying a career change, you should consider starting your own non-profit organization. By starting one of these organizations, you will be able to reach a great deal of people, while also learning some practical business and ownership tips that can carry you far. With this in mind, read on and apply the tips below, to help your endeavor thrive.

  • Why Should Your Small Business Use Temporary Staff?

    17 April 2017

    When running a business that is still small, you might only employ a handful of employees. This can sometimes be stressful for you and them, as you recognize the need for more hands on deck but are reluctant to hire more employees. Temporary staffing agencies may be able to help; there are three particular reasons why temp staff might be a solid solution for your small enterprise. Temp Workers Are Pre-Screened

  • Run A Small Business? 4 Steps To Prevent Productivity Problems With Your Office Printer

    14 April 2017

    When you run a small business, the last thing you want is to have your office printer break down in the middle of a busy workday. Not only will it put a halt to your productivity, it will also put a ding in your budget. This is particularly true if the problem ends up being a catastrophic breakdown. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to save yourself the stress and expense of major printer breakdowns.