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Protecting Your Family & Guns With A Gun Safe

by Beatrice Lambert

Whether you are a hunter, a target shooter, or a collector, having guns or firearms in your home carries a high level of responsibility. Storing your guns safely is important and a gun safe a great option to do that. There are many options available to you as a gun owner, depending on the number of firearms you own and the storage space required. There are even custom options available but these can be pricey.

Securing Your Guns

The primary function of any gun safe is to secure the firearms inside, away from anyone that should not have access to them. This might mean keeping kids away from them, securing them from theft, or protecting rare firearms from damage. In any of these situations, the amount of space you need and the type of safe you will want is up to you to decide. There are many different styles and configurations on the market so the best place to start is to determine what you need or want in a safe. Once you know that, you can start shopping for a new gun safe.

Where to Install Your New Safe

There are freestanding safes available that can be placed just about anywhere. Most of these offer a way to lag then down to the floor from inside so the entire safe can not be stolen and opened somewhere else. If this is what you choose for your home, make sure it is secured properly. Mounting it inside a closet where it can be hidden is one idea but if it is secured to the floor and always locked, you can choose a place that is convenient.

Choosing a Lock

Most modern gun safes offer keypad lock access but there are still many with the dial-type combination lock if you prefer that. The lock on the safe is not much different inside. The method of opening is what changes in most cases. There are safes available that require a combination and a key, electronic lock options, and even some biometric looks that can only be opened by the owner available. If your safe has a locking secondary compartment inside, do not store the keys to it inside the safe.

Trigger Locks and Additional Security

Just because your guns are locked in a gun safe doesn't mean they don't need a trigger and breech locks. Any gun stored in your home should be secured in as many ways as possible. Installing a trigger lock ensure that even if the safe is penetrated, the firearm is secure. If can not be fired with the trigger lock in place and most thieves would leave it behind because the locks are nearly impossible to remove without damaging the gun. If you have a gun ready for home defense, it should be stored in a box with a biometric lock that is easily accessible when you need it but only by you.

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