Creating A Positive Business Culture

  • How A Printing Analysis Can Help Your Office

    7 November 2018

    You might have multiple different printers hooked up throughout your office, and you and the people who work in your office might use them regularly. However, you might not have actually put any extra thought into them. For example, you might have never had a printing analysis done. However, a printing analysis could be a useful thing to have done for your business for these reasons. Determine If You Have the Right Number of Printers

  • Why Every Hospital Needs Patient Advocates On Staff

    9 April 2018

    A patient advocacy department is a key addition to any hospital. While larger hospitals often have such departments, smaller institutions may not — but they should. Patient advocates are healthcare professionals who help those who are admitted to the hospital with navigating the world of healthcare. Patients who are ill or injured and may not have family members at their side can feel alone and daunted by their situation, and patient advocates can serve as a valuable resource for such individuals.

  • 3 Keys For Hiring A Guest Speaker

    27 February 2018

    When you need to plan any sort of corporate event, one of the best investments you can make is bringing in a motivational or keynote speaker. By hiring such a professional, you will be better able to motivate, inspire and set the tone moving forward. Whether this is a company event or a conference where several professionals will fly in from all over the world, you can't go wrong bringing in a speaker.