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Why Every Hospital Needs Patient Advocates On Staff

by Beatrice Lambert

A patient advocacy department is a key addition to any hospital. While larger hospitals often have such departments, smaller institutions may not — but they should. Patient advocates are healthcare professionals who help those who are admitted to the hospital with navigating the world of healthcare. Patients who are ill or injured and may not have family members at their side can feel alone and daunted by their situation, and patient advocates can serve as a valuable resource for such individuals. These healthcare professionals play a profound role in the lives of patients, and should be a fixture at all hospitals. Here are some reasons why:

They Improve The Comfort Of Patients

A primary goal of hospitals is to give their patients a comfortable experience. There are many ways that hospitals work toward this goal, and patient advocates can be valuable in this area. For example, a patient who feels overwhelmed by all the of health-related news that he or she is hearing may not feel comfortable at all. His or her patient advocate can sit with them to go through the details of whatever the patient is facing and help him or her to feel more relaxed.

They Save Doctors' Time

A hospital patient who wants more information may have a long list of questions to pose his or her doctor. While doctors will do their best to answer, the reality is that they have may patients to care for, and do not want to have one patient jeopardize their time. This is another important area in which a patient advocate can help; the advocate can explain the news that the patient doesn't necessarily understand, and can sit with the patient for far longer than a doctor might be able to. Freeing up the medical staff to care for more patients is always a positive outcome where hospital staffing is concerned.

They Can Boost Your Hospital's Ratings

Patients often take to the internet to rate and review their hospital after getting back home. Given how patient advocates can improve the hospital visit for patients, it's reasonable to expect that their presence can actually help to boost your hospital's ratings. A patient who felt at ease and informed because of the patient advocate's help will rate and review the hospital favorably, which can help to elevate the reputation of the hospital in the community when such ratings occur on a regular basis.

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