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Trying To Open Your Own Art Gallery And Studio? Ideas To Help You Find Success

by Beatrice Lambert

If you are an artist or you just love great art and want to help support talented artists, you may be looking to open your own art gallery and studio to display and sell beautiful, unique works of art. However, when you are opening your first business, you may not know many of the little details that you will want to work out and consider as you prepare to get your business off the ground. Before you open your doors on the first day of your art gallery's grand opening, get to know a few ideas that will help you to find success in your art gallery business ventures.

Consider Opening Both an Online and Brick-and-Mortar Gallery

While art is certainly best experienced in person, many people prefer to connect and shop online in today's society. If you want to really make your gallery successful, you need an online presence as well as a brick-and-mortar gallery location.

Building a website for your gallery can help you to connect with people all across the country and around the world. You can use the website to advertise events and specific shows, give artist profiles, and share other information with potential customers.

However, there is even more you can do if you want to make more sales from your art gallery. You can display the original works of art that you have for sale in your gallery on your website and offer the option of purchasing pieces online. This is also a great way to display pieces by an artist doing a show in your gallery that you do not have a space for in the physical gallery. Artists will appreciate the opportunity to get more exposure and the possibility of more sales via online purchases. You can also sell less pricey prints of some of the pieces you carry as well as prints of more famous works of art and the like.

Get Shipping Tubes and Other Packaging for Sales

Whether you are selling all of your pieces in the physical gallery or you are open to online sales as well, you will still need packaging materials to ensure that the pieces you sell get home to their owners in good condition. For prints and pieces without their frames, you will need shipping tubes that will allow the canvases and papers to be safely rolled to prevent damage and creases. If you want your gallery to have a signature look, consider selecting colored shipping tubes rather than plain white or brown ones.

You will also need large boxes as well as wrapping and padding materials to protect any pieces you sell that are in the frames or that are not flat in nature like sculptures and the like. This will ensure that you are prepared and professional when you make your first big sale.

With these ideas and tips in mind, you will be well on your way to success in your attempt to open an art gallery for the first time.