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2 Creative Ways To Earn A Significant Amount Of Side Cash

by Beatrice Lambert

Do you currently live paycheck to paycheck? You may be tired of feeling like you never have any extra money left to buy nice things or do something fun. If you would like to make a significant amount of side cash, there are some simple opportunities worth trying. You may be surprised to see just how much money you can earn from having a side hustle outside of your traditional day job.

1. Collecting and Selling Scrap Metal

Selling scrap metal is more lucrative than most people realize. There are scrap metal buyers willing to pay a decent amount of money for old metal items that they can turn into new items. Not only can you go through your belongings to find unused metal objects to take into the buyers, but you can also find things to sell by driving around your area on trash night to see what some of your neighbors may have put out in the trash. If they put out anything that contains metal, you could always put it in your vehicle and then take it to the scrap metal buyer.

Aside from driving around on trash night to grab items that may be worth selling, you could browse through the local classifieds to see if anyone is getting rid of anything that you could sell. You may notice some people are willing to get rid of items that you can scrap simply because they no longer need them and want to get rid of those items right away. Some of those items include air conditioners, motors and even metal bed frames.

2. Write Your Own How-To eBooks

If there are certain things you are good at doing, why not write your own how-to eBook and publish them online? You can use free online publishing tools to help you with the process. Although it may take a bit of time for you to start earning revenue, you could end up making a decent amount of passive income as soon as you start making multiple sales. One way to attempt to make more sales is to market your eBook on social media. You could create a page on Facebook specifically for the book and even purchase advertisements to be displayed on the social media site.

If you are looking to earn a decent income on the side, consider scrapping metal and writing how-to eBooks. Although these options are often considered side hustles, you could end up earning thousands of dollars each year by taking metal to the scrap buyer and creating eBooks that may be informative and helpful to a large number of people.