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  • Staying Afloat And Protecting Your Investment - Tips For Inspecting Your Boat's Finish

    11 April 2017

    An old joke claims that the two best days in the life of a boat owner are the day the boat is purchased and the day the boat is sold. While it may be true that there's a great deal of maintenance that comes with your ownership responsibilities, some preventative actions can be taken to minimize your stress. One of the simplest and yet most important is consistently examining your boat's finish.

  • 2 Tips To Help You Get Your Home Ready For A Home Inspection

    6 February 2017

    As you are preparing your home for an inspection during the selling process, there are many items you will need to complete to get your home ready. Here are some tips to help you get your plumbing and your home's foundation and roof drainage ready for the home inspection. Prepare Your Plumbing As part of the inspection process, it will be necessary for your inspector to look at the plumbing under your kitchen and bathroom sinks.