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Three Do-It-Yourself Upgrades For Your SIG Sauer P365 Gun

by Beatrice Lambert

Although there are several models of Glock pistols that are popular in sales rankings, the SIG Sauer P365 is also a top seller. If you are the owner of this handgun, there are many things to like about it. Among them is the number of rounds it carries for its small size. However, you may also be wondering what upgrades are available, and if there are any that can be done yourself, without the need for a gunsmith. The following are a few simple gun DIY upgrades.

You can add a threaded barrel

This type of gun barrel offers you much greater precision when shooting your pistol, and it is not difficult to install. You remove your old barrel, using the standard disassembly method, and then simply replace it with your threaded barrel. It is a drop-in replacement, and one of the easier upgrades to your gun.

You can install a micro reflect sight

Along with your threaded barrel, you can purchase a red-dot sight that allows you to pinpoint that exact target you are shooting at. Once installed, you can adjust the red light to calibrate its accuracy. The red light is powered by a battery that has a long-life charge. You will only need to remove two screws on the mounting plate, and then install the sight with two new screws that come with the kit.

You can install a new spring for your trigger

If you are interested in an easier pull for the trigger of your pistol, there is a trigger spring kit available that allows you to change the spring in the triggering mechanism of the gun. This will reduce the amount of force needed to fire your gun by approximately a third. You will need three different size punches for delicate work, such as removing the receiver pin. A 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8 size punches will be required, along with a small hammer for the punches. In addition, a micro-tip flat head screwdriver will be your main tool throughout the installation process.

Both a red-dot sight and a threaded barrel will improve your shooting accuracy, and a new trigger spring will make firing easier. But before you attempt any upgrades to your gun, you should first understand all of its parts, as well as be able to disassemble your weapon and put it back together again. Any good local shooting range with an instructor can help you with this. Any tools you will need for the projects above are available from any gun store, whether locally or online.