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Why Portable Restrooms Can Be Much More Than A Small Toilet

by Beatrice Lambert

Whether you are planning a wedding, an athletic carnival or a massive birthday party, most of the time you will need additional bathrooms to accommodate all your guests. If you don't, you may soon find that long queues start appearing and your guests become more preoccupied with the toilet issue than with having a good time. Luckily, there are many portable restroom contractors that can help supply your next event, and they don't just rent out small bathrooms, either. Here are a few extra features to look at and consider when choosing your portable restrooms.

Disabled Access

For any larger gathering or gatherings that you know will include someone who is handicapped, you must provide restrooms that specifically cater to their needs. The very last thing you want is for someone to feel unwelcome, least of all someone who already deals with the stares and attention that come with a lot of handicaps. Portable restrooms often have a disabled access option, and these can help assist with the process much more than a traditional toilet, no matter how nice it is. If your event is a corporate or public one, then it could even be against the law to not have adequate toilet options for those who are disabled, so make sure to double-check!

Not Just Toilets

Portable restrooms don't just have to be toilets either. If you need a space to shower and clean yourself off before an important meeting or gathering, then you can always hire portable restrooms that have shower facilities built into them. That might seem overly opulent, but they don't take up that much more space than regular portable restrooms, and they can be a lifesaver if you plan an event with a more active and sweat-inducing environment. They can also be a great secret place to prepare or keep yourself refreshed during long days in the summer heat.

Decontamination Units

This is a little bit more of a unique option, but for those that work in remote areas with dangerous chemicals and materials, the presence of a decontamination unit is essential. This looks exactly like a portable restroom, which is why they are often rented by the same companies, but instead of just toilets, it has a whole area that is perfect for scrubbing off any and all hazardous elements on your body. For short-term workspaces, where you don't have the resources to build a full-on decontamination area, these portable ones work perfectly. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers portable restrooms.