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Boat Tune Up And Maintenance Essentials

by Beatrice Lambert

A boat that contains an outboard motor system requires routine maintenance and tune ups. A dry-docked watercraft should be inspected and tuned up prior to using the watercraft, and a boat that is frequently used should be inspected and cleaned after each outing in addition to undergoing a tune up on a seasonal basis.

Motor Repellants

Casing will surround your boat's motor and will prevent high levels of water from entering the motor's chambers, but there is still a risk of dirt particles and some water getting trapped within the casing. After each boating excursion, open up the casing and use a dry cloth to wipe off the motor and the surfaces surrounding it. Purchase a repellant and apply it to the motor's external surfaces. A repellant will act like a shield and will block small pieces of dirt or water from entering the motor. 

Fuel Additives

The type of fuel that your boat requires will have a bearing on what type of fuel additive you should dispense into the fuel tank. For instance, a two stroke motor requires oil and gas to be mixed and added to the tank. Intricate parts within the motor are susceptible to corrosion and water can also enter the fuel tank.

Purchase an additive that will add a layer of protection to the motor and that will evaporate water that accidentally enters the motor's chambers. A fuel additive should be added during a standard tune up and after each refueling session. The product may help you attain better gas mileage, plus will increase the life of the motor.

Replacement Spark Plugs

A motorized boat will contain a series of spark plugs, which are essential for igniting the motor. These parts are prone to corrosion and should be inspected frequently. During a formal tune up, the spark plugs may be replaced with new ones, but it is your duty to maintain the plugs in between service appointments.

You probably don't want to encounter a boating trip that results in the motor misfiring or failing to start in entirety. Purchase an extra set of spark plugs that can be kept onboard during each outing. If a plug is corroded, you will notice a white film or a thick foam coating the surface of it. This is a sign that a new plug needs to be installed immediately. Keep replacement plugs stored in an area that is dark and dry.

It is important to do a boat tune up before and after each outing. If you are in need a deeper boat service, a boat tune up service will be a great option to keep your boat in ship shape.