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Great Advice When Working With Transcribers

by Beatrice Lambert

Transcription services are extremely handy when you need audio put into written words. If your company plans on working with transcribers to receive these printed documents from audio files, utilize the following advice.

Get A Projected Date Of Completion

There may be some situations where you need materials transcribed right away. You can keep the transcribers you work with focused by asking them for a projected date of completion. You can then hold to them to this time period and that is key in getting the transcription materials sooner rather than later.

You can go even further and have the transcribers sign an official document showing when their services will be complete. This can help the transcribers stay focused and motivated to come through so that you can remain a valuable client with them that had positive experiences for the services rendered.

Ask For Samples

Before you start giving transcribers all of your audio files to transcribe, you should consider seeing how they work. In that case, you'll want them to send you some samples. You'll then see the quality of the transcription as well as get a feel for how they work.

Send over an audio file that's like the files you'll need to have transcribed and then wait for the sample. Then you can analyze it and see if the transcribers have the right service model in place to come through without any obstacles getting in the way later on.

Review Submitted Transcription Materials

Even after you find transcribers to work with and give them assignments, your company still needs to review the work once it's given to you. This lets you verify the results and gives you confidence moving forward if everything checked out.

Review the quality of each transcribed material, making sure there are no errors or inconsistencies. If there are, make a note of them and relay them back to the transcribers. This way, you can help prevent the same problems from showing up again. If nothing is wrong, then you can send over more audio files and know that the results will be exactly what you want at the time.

There are a lot of applications for transcription services, especially for companies needing important audio files transcribed into written documents. If you carefully work with transcribers from the beginning and follow the right protocol, you can get the most out of these transcription services time and time again. Contact a transcription service, such as Remote Typewell Transcription, for more information.