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Repairing Your Computer's Malfunctions

by Beatrice Lambert

Computer problems can severely impair your ability to work, but you may not be sure as to how to effectively repair and address these matters. Typically, there are a handful of problems that computer repair technicians will be commonly asked to address.


Computers will be extremely sensitive to heat. In fact, chronic overheating can cause the computer to slow down, and it can also cause components in it to degrade and become brittle. Eventually, overheating will result in these components failing, which may force you to replace the entire computer. While overheating is a serious threat, it is one of the problems that can be more easily avoided. By regularly dusting the computer, you will prevent dust from blocking the vents that will allow the hot air from inside the case to vent. If you have been diligent about keeping the computer clean and it is still overheating, this is likely an indication that the fans that actively cycle air inside the case may have failed.

Virus Removal

Computer viruses can be a constant threat, and while you may have an anti-virus program on your computer, there is still the possibility of new viruses being able to circumvent these programs. Once your computer has been infected with malicious software, it can impair the performance of the computer, steal information and even cause hardware components to be destroyed. Unfortunately, many people will simply not have the skills needed to be able to thoroughly remove a virus from their computer. This can be particularly true for viruses that are able to copy themselves to the computer's BIOS as this will allow the computer to continually be reinfected regardless of your efforts to clean the operating system's files of the malicious code. If your computer has a virus or is behaving strangely, taking it to a professional computer repair technicians. These services will have sophisticated programs and diagnostic tools that will allow them to fully remove any malicious software from your computer before it can cause harm.

Replacing Failed Components

Sudden hardware failures can leave your computer completely unable to function, and while it is often easy to assume that this means the entire computer needs to be replaced. Computer repair technicians can be extremely efficient at finding the damaged component and replacing it. Additionally, these professionals may be able to upgrade any damaged parts with new components that may be of a higher quality. In addition to reducing the risk of another failure occurring, this may also provide the computer with noticeable performance gains.