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Why Buy American-Made Toys?

by Beatrice Lambert

American-made toys for children are often high-quality options that adhere to all domestic laws concerning safety. It means that your toys are safer for your children to handle, in general, than toys made in many other countries. But that is only the beginning of the benefits you'll enjoy by giving your child American-made toys. These are a few of the others.

Confidence that Fair Labor Practices Are Used by American Companies

While all American jobs must adhere to a specific state or federal (whichever is the higher of the two) minimum wage, most U.S. toymakers compensate their employees well above the minimum wages set by their states or the federal government. Additionally, many of these employers provide other benefits to employees, such as:

  • Paid time off (vacation and/or sick days).
  • Employee health benefits.
  • Retirement benefits.
  • Worker's compensation insurance protection.
  • Unemployment insurance protection.

These benefits help create workplaces that are fair and treat employees well. Saving jobs is no small thing, especially in the current economy. Shopping in a way that promotes fair labor practices is an added bonus that makes you feel even better about buying American-made toys.

Contributing to a Healthier Planet

American environmental laws are stricter than many other industrial countries around the world where toys are made. When you buy American-made toys for children, you're doing your part to promote better environmental business practices instead of supporting those in countries that do little, if anything, to protect the planet.

If protecting the planet is a true passion for you, with a little additional research you can find a list of companies that offer American-made toys that go above and beyond the basic requirements for the planet's health. While you're at it, don't forget to look for American-made toys that practice planet-friendly packaging protocols, too. They do exist!

May Help Local Economies Grow

One of the big things to consider when shopping for American-made toys is that they are often sold in "mom and pop" or downtown specialty shops rather than in big box retail stores. This means your purchases are contributing to a healthy local economy on a cellular level.

Perhaps the most important reason to purchase American-made toys for children in your life is to give them toys that are built to last, encourage imagination, and have staying power with the children who play with them. Giving them quality toys that aren't made cheaply and designed to break quickly can teach them important lessons about making wiser buying decisions and valuing the toys (and other possessions) they do have.

Look into places that offer American-made toys