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All The Wireless Things That Can Connect To Your Phone: Do You Want Them?

by Beatrice Lambert

Wireless telecommunications include far more than just phones, now. It is not just wireless stuff for your home; your business can get many of the same wireless devices that communicate to and with your phones. If you are considering many of these services, here are just a few that are often requested for business use. 

Wireless Control Thermostat

Save money on heating and cooling your business when you can control the thermostat sitting at home with your phone. Between your wireless company and your HVAC company, you can install and set up thermostats all around the building that set temperatures cooler in winter when no one is in the office and warmer in the summer when no one is working. Adjust the temperatures to suit the day just by opening the app on the mobile device and wirelessly conveying what you want the thermostat(s) to do. Charges for this service may apply, but it depends on your wireless company. 

Wireless Personal Assistants

Smart "home" devices that act as personal assistants can also be used in the office. Recently, these have been modified so that you can be anywhere in the office and ask the virtual assistant questions and request a rundown of your daily schedule. Connect your office "assistants" with your home assistants wirelessly, and stream all of the information you need about important dates and events from one location to the other. That way you will never miss a meeting or your kid's sporting event scheduled on the same day but often posted in separate virtual schedules. Download to your phone at any time for a continuous and flawless connection to all parts of your life.

Wireless Computer Systems Shut-Down and Turn-On

Another popular wireless feature is to remotely turn on and off your computer systems in the office. You can connect to your office's computer systems via the data center and cloud operations communications and your mobile device. You will need an account that supplies you with this service for your office, as well as the tech devices that attach to your computers to allow you to turn them on and off. Employees really like this feature, especially if they feel that they have forgotten to turn off their work stations when leaving them for breaks or to go home at night. If you want, you can also enable employee devices to have access to the computers at their desks and turn them on and off remotely, too.

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