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Planning To Attend The U.S. Air Force Graduation Ceremony?

by Beatrice Lambert

As a parent, you do all that you can to show your kids that you're proud of them. When they make the difficult choice to join the United States Air Force, or any branch of the military, your heart will burst with pride, love, and fear. One of the greatest moments your family will share during this journey is the day your kid graduates from basic training. When it comes to graduation, the U.S. Air Force goes above and beyond. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help your family make the most of the experience.

Order Signs, Banners, and T-Shirts

One thing that will quickly become overwhelming during graduation is the number of people that are attending. You will have hundreds of families sitting in the stands with you and when the trainees come into the picture, you'll become highly motivated to find your one person hiding in the midst of hundreds of other airmen that'll all look pretty much the same—your kid will not look the same as they did when they left.

So, you need to make your family stand out to make it easy for your kid to spot you in the stands. Banners and family t-shirts will do the trick! The banners and shirts can include your airman's name and flight group—as well as any pictures, logos, or quotes that might make it special for your kid. Just remember, these things take time to get made, so if you're interested in doing this, start working on getting the signs, banners, and shirts made as soon as possible.

Rent a Vacation Home Nearby

There are some very lovely vacation rental homes located within miles of the base. If you have a large group of family members going to the graduation, the rental home may be the most affordable and comfortable way to accommodate everyone.

Your airman will be allowed to spend time off base while you're there. In most cases, you'll have just about 2 days to spend off base—if you have a rental home to return to, your family will be able to kick back and enjoy each other like you would at home—and your airman can get a nice, long, much needed bath.

Get ready for it—it will be one of the most memorable moments in your life. Use the time that your kid is working to complete training to complete the planning. For more information, visit sites like