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Choosing The Correct Office Chairs For Your New Business

by Beatrice Lambert

Office chair selection is a more important decision than you may think. It determines your employees' comfort for a good portion of their day, and that can reflect their productivity. But there are also factors to consider on the business side of things, such as cost, maintenance needs, and matching with other office equipment and fixtures. Here are some of the steps to take when choosing office chairs. 

Research Ergonomics

One preliminary step might be to research the best features for office chairs. Many new options are coming onto the market for standing chairs and other options that allow users to customize the chair to their body height and personal preferences. It helps to go into your search knowing about the range of options available right now. 

Consider Business Needs

You might approach your office chairs provider for some options after you've decided on the ergonomic features you want and the other specifications your business requires. Those could be price range, color, size, mobility, or weight, among others. 

Get Employee Input

Finally, it's not going to be simply about the way chairs look or how much they cost. It is very helpful if you can get the opinions of people who will actually be sitting in these chairs— your employees. Once you've narrowed it down to a few different chairs, see if you can get the office chairs company, like D & R Office Works, Inc., to let you borrow a sample of each chair. You could have your employees sit in each chair and give feedback on which ones they prefer. 

Not everyone will agree on the type of chair that's most comfortable. Just as different people prefer firm or soft mattresses, each person has their own preference for seating that's based on things like their body mass index and their activity level. 

If you have the budget for it, you could allow each employee to choose their own chair from a selection that is within your price range. That is a great idea if you expect to have these same employees for a long time to come. But sometimes, you can only get the best deals when you buy in bulk, or you expect to have many new people join your team soon and you need to buy plenty of chairs. In those cases, pooling the data from all of your employees' preferences will lead you to a great decision on which chair to buy.