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Why Should Your Small Business Use Temporary Staff?

by Beatrice Lambert

When running a business that is still small, you might only employ a handful of employees. This can sometimes be stressful for you and them, as you recognize the need for more hands on deck but are reluctant to hire more employees. Temporary staffing agencies may be able to help; there are three particular reasons why temp staff might be a solid solution for your small enterprise.

Temp Workers Are Pre-Screened

As busy as you are, you might simply not have the time to conduct an intensive search for qualified people right now. A temp staffing agency can take this responsibility off your hands; they have their own internal screening process and can recruit qualified people that they can then recommend to you. If you end up liking one or a few of your temporary staff that much, you can always offer them a full-time position.

Temp Staff Are Cheaper for Your Company

When you bring on employees, there are a lot of expenses that come along with them. You will need to start paying workers' compensation and health insurance costs, for example. By contrast, because temp workers are not official employees, they will generally result in less costs over time for your business.

Temp Staff Can Work Seasonally or for Short Periods

There may only be a few times a year when everyone is stretched thin and everyone needs help. You might be about to roll out a new product, or you may be dealing with a great deal of inventory and details related to a particular holiday. Bringing in a few temp workers to help during these busy times will allow you to finish individual projects on time and provide some relief to your employees. When the season is over, you can release the temp workers without regret and without offering severance packages or anything else.

A concern might be that seasonal workers have to learn on the job, but once you've used temp employees for a specific period, you may be able to bring back the same temp workers for similar work later. Not only that, but talking with the staffing agency you work with will give them a better idea of what kind of workers you need.

With a clearer understanding of how temp workers can really benefit your small business, you might want to hire some right away. Interview several temporary staffing agencies like Scion Staffing in the area so you can be sure you'll get quality workers who can help you.