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Run A Small Business? 4 Steps To Prevent Productivity Problems With Your Office Printer

by Beatrice Lambert

When you run a small business, the last thing you want is to have your office printer break down in the middle of a busy workday. Not only will it put a halt to your productivity, it will also put a ding in your budget. This is particularly true if the problem ends up being a catastrophic breakdown. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to save yourself the stress and expense of major printer breakdowns. Here are four steps you can take to keep your office printer up and running.

Always Keep Supplies on Hand

Printer issues that slow down productivity don't always have anything to do with mechanical failures. Sometimes they're problems that could have been solved with a little advanced preparation and planning. To avoid problems with productivity, always have plenty of printer supplies on hand. Including ink cartridges and toner. You should refer to your owner's manual for a list of other supplies that you should keep on hand to prevent work slowdowns.

Never Use Off-Brand Replacement Parts

When it comes to your office printer, never use off-brand replacement parts. While it might seem like a good way to save money, using off-brand replacement parts can leave your printer susceptible to other breakdowns and malfunctions. Save time and money by purchasing the right replacement parts for your printer. If you're not sure what your printer needs, be sure to contact your office equipment representative for parts replacements.

Always Have a Backup Plan

If your business depends on your office printer, you can't afford to be without it – even for a few hours. That's why it's crucial that you always have a backup plan. For maximum protection against production-stopping malfunctions, set up a backup system for your printer. Installing multiple printers on your office network will allow you to switch to the next printer should your main system malfunction.

Never Ignore the Small Errors

When dealing with your office printer, never ignore the small errors – those minor problems that lean towards inconveniences rather than mechanical problems. Those minor inconveniences could be your printer warning you about an impending disaster, or catastrophic malfunction. As soon as you notice anything amiss with the way your printer functions, you need to have it looked at.

When it comes to your office equipment, you need to make sure it's up and running at all times. The tips provided here will help you prevent productivity problems with your printer. For more information, talk to a professional like Lafayette Business Machines Inc.