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Turn a Casket Into Home Decor

by Beatrice Lambert

If your sense of style leans more toward the Gothic and dark side of things, then you may have a hard time finding furniture and other household decor that you like. If this is the case, then you may find yourself doing a lot of creative things to put together your own pieces. Creating your own furniture pieces and home decor can be relaxing, exciting, and something that you can look at in your home with a feeling of great pride.

For something dark and different, you can make a piece in your home out of a casket! If this sounds like something you may be interested in doing, then you can learn about a few ways you can use a casket as furniture or decor in this article.

Turn a casket into a love seat

You can take the casket and lift the lid, putting it into the locked position. Purchase cushions that match and that fit right into the lid and attach them to form the backing of the loveseat. You can attach them by stitching them or by using a staple gun. You can make cushions by hand if necessary.

Measure the bottom portion of the casket and take those measurements to the hardware store with you. Purchase a nice piece of plywood and have it cut right there. This way, you won't have to get the tools to cut it yourself, and it will be ready to put in place as soon as you get home. Screw the plywood over the open part of the casket and use a fine paintbrush to paint it to match the casket. Set matching cushions on it that you have purchased to fit or made on your own.

Use the casket as a trunk

You can use the casket as a trunk where you keep your special belongings. While using it as a storage trunk isn't the way that financially makes the most sense (considering a regular trunk will be much less expensive), it is something that also makes a fantastic conversation piece. In order to use it as a storage trunk, you will want to remove the padded lining so you can fit more items inside of it.

Use the casket as a coffee table

You can use the casket almost as is for a coffee table. The only real change you will need to make to it is to remove the lid and hinges, then put a piece of tempered glass on top of it, which will serve as the table top. You can even put odd things inside the casket to create a table that really makes a statement.