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5 Features You Will Want in Your Bathroom Remodel

by Beatrice Lambert

If a remodel is in your bathroom's future, add some features that will make it even more convenient and aesthetically-appealing. When planning your budget, allow for these projects to ensure your continued satisfaction and enjoyment of your new bathroom. Talk with contractors about options, materials, and costs associated with these high-end elements.

Five features for the most beautiful and convenient bathroom are:

1. LED mirrors. Change the way that you see yourself every time you look in the mirror with illuminated LED mirrors over your vanity and sinks. These provide the perfect lighting for grooming, make-up, and washing, plus they are long-lasting and energy-efficient. Talk with contractors about having these installed at the same time as your vanity or medicine cabinet, and for information related to installation.

2. A frameless shower. A frameless shower can really open-up a bathroom and make it seem larger, particularly if the space has been previously impeded by a bulky shower stall. These cut down on the obstructions that interfere with the visual aesthetics of the bathroom, and bring a modern feel to the space. Plumbers and contractors should be able to show you before-and-after images to help you with your decision.

3. Heated flooring. Imagine stepping out of the shower on a cold morning and putting your feet down on toasty-warm, heated flooring. Make mornings a lot more pleasurable by having heating elements installed under conductive flooring tile. This will require professional installation, but is well-worth the investment.

4. Ample storage. Another way to make your bathroom more convenient is when it offers new and unique storage solutions. For instance, vertical space can be utilized with contemporary glass shelving that appears to float along the bathroom wall; also, some contractors may be able to cut in between studs in the wall to carve out nooks and cubbies to store your stuff. Consider these ideas and talk with your contractor about finding storage where there is none.

5. Separate space. If you really want to amp-up your bathroom, create a separate dressing room nearby. Whether this involves opening up a closet or taking over an adjacent space, a dressing room in close-proximity to the bath is the ultimate in luxury for many homeowners.

Your family spends a lot of time in the bathroom, so why not remodel it in a way that ensures continued convenience and pleasure. Talk with your contractor about the options and costs related to these remodeling ideas, as well as to plan for upcoming refurbishments.