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Tips For Hosting A Children's Safety Fair This Summer

by Beatrice Lambert

If you are planning a summer fundraiser or block-party, consider turning it into a children's safety fair. A safety fair is the perfect, fun environment for you to parlay some important information on to the young people in your neighborhood. The festive atmosphere, food, and activities make these educational events a bit more appealing for children.

Some suggestions for your safety fair include:

A fingerprinting booth. Set up an ink fingerprinting booth at your safety fair to encourage parents to have their children fingerprinted; these prints can be filed and used should the child ever become missing or lost. Ask ink fingerprinting businesses to provide this service, and typically there is no charge for the parents which can serve as a big attraction when marketing your event.

Visiting police and fire-fighters. Advertise that you will offer visiting speakers at the safety fair throughout the day. Ask local police officers, firemen, and emergency personnel to come and speak about what they do to your audience. Some law enforcement may even bring canine-units or cruisers to your event to share with the kids.

CPR demonstrations. CPR demonstrations are an excellent way to pass on some information to children that is potentially life-saving. While the kids can't get certified during the fair, they will likely be able to learn basic strategies that may motivate them to take upcoming classes or workshops in your area for their CPR certification.

Blood donation. Talk to local organizations and hospitals about setting up a blood-drive during your safety fair. It is valuable to get children familiar with blood donation so they won't be afraid to give blood when they are older. Reward donors with a trinket, toy, or tee-shirt to show your appreciation and encourage others to donate, too.

Bike inspections and events. Another fun idea for your safety fair is to host a bike rodeo and offer safety inspections for cyclists during the event. You can set up a course for bicyclists to traverse, awarding those that compete with a small prize. Ask for a local bike shop or mechanic to provide safety inspections for those children that come with their bikes.

Internet education. Another great feature at your upcoming event is an internet safety tutorial. This could involve a power-point presentation on a large screen to demonstrate the dangers lurking on the web, or it could be a guest-speaker that is related to the topic.

Host a children's safety fair this summer and strive to keep your community's kids as safe as possible this summer. Use these tips to create intriguing, interactive activities that will draw in visitors and engage children. Make it something that your community host each year to remind children to stay safe! For more information, talk to a professional like Poway Livescan.